Red Ring Entertainment

FMX 2018

FMX is the biggest European CG Show. We were proud to be part of Side FX team and to give a lecture on how we use the software for character animation. We met great artists and new friends.

It was our first time on such a big event. We hold a lecture on character rigging and animation in Houdini. Side FX wanted to show that houdini is not only for the big studios and not only for heavy simulations.




It was great to meet Simon Holmedal, a fantastic visionary artist and also a great person. We are long time fans of his work.





That’s Entagma, the people behind the great tutorials we all enjoy watching.





Sonya from Framestore, a humble person and very skillful artist.




We had a great time talking to the guys from Electric Theater London while having a beer.


We were also glad to meet Rise FX, one of the best German studios.



Axis have been one of our favorites. Their game cinematics are creative and inspiring, and we just love gaming 🙂