Red Ring Entertainment


Collaborating closely with our partners at B2Y, we embarked on a creative endeavor to produce an immensely captivating commercial. Our vision? To craft a visually compelling narrative that revolved around creating a stunning portrayal of cracks and widespread destruction within a home setting.


The intricacy and intricacies of the envisioned effects rendered it unfeasible to execute the concept purely on a physical set. Consequently, our highly skilled VFX (Visual Effects) team took charge, immersing themselves in the challenge by meticulously reconstructing the entire room within a three-dimensional space. Employing cutting-edge technology, they expertly simulated the breathtaking destruction with unparalleled precision and realism.


However, the pinnacle of the task lay in the hands of our adept compositors, who faced the formidable challenge of seamlessly integrating these meticulously crafted three-dimensional elements with the live footage. Their expertise and finesse in merging these diverse elements elevated the final product to an astonishing level of authenticity and immersive storytelling