Derby 500
Derby 500 Making


This making of our latest commercial. We had a good fun making it but in the same time it was very challenging project. Due the nature of motion capture we had to carefully execute the choreography in order to avoid limbs penetrating the body. Our good friends in WWFX mocap studio helped us enormously to solve all the issues in the process.




Here is some pictures from the set. Special thanks to Zdravko, our dancer and choreographer for taking all our crazy ideas with a smile!



Ok, to be honest the above guy is fake, it’s a 3D simulation 🙂

Let me introduce you some of the real characters and dancers. These are our X-Men, working in the shadows, low wages, no weekends, no promotions!




This is Ballsy. He loves to be first at the party!


This is Stripe Man. Very good dancer, loves to stay in the dark.



Cable Guy. Nice guy but don’t make him angry, because… you know!


This is Slicey. Sometimes it’s difficult to hold his nerves… together!


This is String, not to be confused with Sting, he does not sing, just dance!



This is Chewbacca after he went to the wrong hairdresser.



This is Sporty. Cannot really dance, just pretending and posing.


This is Cloner.  When he is alone he is a nice guy to work with, but when clones himself to 5 or more it’s becoming a nightmare for the director.



This is Rubby. He is made of rubber and loves weird moves, he is a teenager after all.



This is Cloudy. It’s one of our favorites. He moves so easily like there is no gravity for him.



…uhm this one did not survive the shooting. Being 3D artist is a dangerous job!