Red Ring Entertainment

Hurricane Heist

We were proud to be part of Rob Cohen’s (Fast and Furious director) latest movie “Hurricane Heist”.

We created over 120 motion graphic animations to be played on computer monitors and to be shot on set.



We also were tasked with one of the most difficult VFX shots in the film. We had to create a skull shaped hurricane. The cloud demon had to be visible and in the same time subtle and like formed from the clouds. You can also see the initial Double Negative concept (picture property of DNEG). We tried to stick to their guidelines in order to keep consistency between our work and theirs.





Our lead concept artist was chosen to do several pictures for the director to set up the tone and the mood in the shots.


Here are some photos from the set. It’s a research vehicle called Dominator. Part of the motion graphics were made and played on the monitors inside the car.